01/22/17: Madonna Tweets “Fuck Donald Trump. Fuck the Secret Service.”

ILLEGAL NEWS: After being reported to the U.S. Secret Service for conspiring to blow up the White House while President Trump and his family are in it, Satanist Jesuit/Zionist Illuminati High Priestess Madonna (who supports both infanticide and pedophilia) said she is above the law in a Tweet on 01/22/17:

1/22/17: Documented Proof That Madonna, CNN and Senator Chuck Schumer Have All Been Officially Reported to the U.S. Secret Service for Threatening to Murder U.S. President Donald Trump



Project Veritas Stopped Major D.C. Terrorist Attack From Obama Supporters on Inauguration Day 2017 #pizzagate


ILLEGAL NEWS: The huge domestic terrorist attack on American elections by Obama’s people was partially plotted at none other than CIA Finders’ Pedophile Temple “COMET PIZZA AND PING PONG” in Washington D.C. (photo above)

01/22/17: Over 200 of Obama’s Terrorist Army Members Arrested After D.C. Riot

Over 200 Inauguration Day Protesters Face Felony Rioting Charges


Photo of Alex Pfeiffer

Alex Pfeiffer

Thanks to Washington, D.C.’s felony rioting statute, 230 anti-Trump protesters will face up to ten years in jail for rioting.

The protesters were arrested Friday and appeared in court Saturday, according to a BuzzFeed report. Anti-Trump protests turned violent, with black-clad rioters throwing rocks at police, smashing windows, and setting a car on fire. Police responded with stun grenades, pepper spray, tear gas, and rubber bullets.

A group called #DisruptJ20 organized most of the protests Friday and the violence was not spontaneous.

The Daily Caller reported a week before the inauguration that protesters were planning to destroy property. One protester, Tom Faison, told The Washington Post that the property damage was done with “nuance and intention.”

The Post also reported that a majority of the arrested protesters were not residents of Washington, D.C., Maryland, or Virginia. Tom Massey, 32, of Philadelphia was among those arrested, and he told The Post, “I think there should have been more violence yesterday.”

The arrested protesters have court dates in February and March.

1/22/17: Documented Proof That Madonna, CNN and Senator Chuck Schumer Have All Been Officially Reported to the U.S. Secret Service for Threatening to Murder U.S. President Donald Trump

01/22/17: Madonna Tweets “Fuck Donald Trump. Fuck the Secret Service.”




PROOF: James Alefantis is Running Massive CIA Finders Child Trafficking Website “KIDZWORLD.COM INC.”

ILLEGAL NEWS: CIA Child Trafficking Facebook Site “Kidzworld.com Inc.” Founded and Run by Comet Pizza/CIA Finders Child Murderer James Alefantis Under Several Different Obvious Aliases. There is so much proof of this that I haven’t even had time to organize and comment on it yet, but its all extremely obvious once you read the following post and then see the other 100+ screenshots of this pervert’s business and fake accounts: