FBI Raids Ohio Child Trafficking “International Adoption Agency” Run by Hillary Clinton (02/15/17)

ILLEGAL NEWS: We oppose all violence. The following was posted on VOAT.COM, YouTube and two Ohio local news channels:


Need more eyes, real investigators: Found a connection between HRC and that adoption agency that got raided by the FBI (pizzagate)

submitted 19 hours ago by waxdino

I’m about to check out mentally for the night, but I found a rabbit hole to jump down:
If you missed it: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1648167
European Adoption Consultants, an international adoption agency in Ohio got busted today for some shady shit, including failing to protect kids from traffickers.
The head of that agency is Margaret Cole. There are a lot of links in that post going over her and that agency.
I dug around a little and found this blog from 2012: https://russianadoptionagreement.wordpress.com/category/eac/
Archive: http://archive.is/PW5Ym
They have a lot of info on this agency and the issues of Russia/US adoption. They also claim that “Secretary of State Clinton featured prominently in EAC’s advertising”!
It also mentions the Joint Council on International Children Services, which I know has been discussed here, in connection to the Silsby case: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1602801
Please help! I can’t do this right now, and god knows some of you are way better at this, anyway. I’ve given you some pieces… go!


The head of the Dominican Republic Visa Department, and previously the Chief of Children’s Issues Abduction Unit, has ties to the NPFS orphange. (pizzagate)

submitted 18 days ago by AHuman

In a blog post from Molly Hightower she mentions some visitors called Vern and Mary Sue that had ties to the orphanage. I found this interesting so decided to investigate further. Here I shall tell you who Mary Sue is and why she is a potential person of interest


Vern, Mary Sue and Thomas are a family that have ties to NPFS and Father Rick and visit every now and again. They recently moved to the DR where Mary Sue works at the embassy, and visited us earlier this week.

  • This mentions Consul General Mary Sue Conaway is head of the Visa Department at the US Embassy Santo Domingo, DR

Consul General Mary Sue Conaway heads one of the busiest visa-issuing missions in the world. Although operating in a high-fraud environment, consular services are, for the most part, well run.

  • This embassy inspection report from May 2011, where Consul General Mary Sue Conaway was head of the visa department, states a decade of weakness and deficiencies.

Although embassy officials acknowledge the high-fraud atmosphere of the Dominican Republic, the management section’s internal controls have been weak for a number of years, as reflected in the past three OIG inspection reports. The arrival of a new management counselor in the summer of 2010 has reenergized the operation, with more attention to accountability. However, a number of deficiencies continue, particularly in motor pool, procurement, housing, facilities, and maintenance. Staffing gaps have had serious negative consequences, but they do not explain the decade-long weakness in the general services area.

  • Mary Sue Conaway worked at the embassy for 2 years from July 2009 – 25 July 2011 and became Consul General on Aug 6 2010. During this time Laura Silsby was caught trafficking 33 children to DR. (note: Conaway left the embassy 2 months after the inspection report was published)
  • Mary Sue Conaway was Abduction ChiefJPG for the office of Children’s Issues Abduction Unit in 2006 ref in Washington DC before becoming the Special Assistant to the Deputy Secretary of State.
  • Mary Sue Conaway moved to the DR to work in the Visa Department at the US Embassy around July 2009.


  • Laura Silsby Lawyer, Jorge Puello, always insisted they had the correct paper work from DR officials but never showed them.
  • The Wall Street Journal mentions that Anne-christine d’Adesky, a writer and human-rights activist from a prominent Haitian family who is a U.S. citizen, emailed several U.N. authorities saying she met Laura Silsby, the leader of the American group, on Jan 24 2010 in a hotel in the DC.

Ms. Silsby said her authorization to collect Haitian orphans and bring them to the Dominican Republic was from an unnamed Dominican official, according to Ms. d’Adesky’s email. “I informed her that this would be regarded as illegal even with some ‘Dominican’ minister authorizing, since the children are Haitian,” Ms. d’Adesky wrote, adding that she directed Ms. Silsby to U.N. agencies helping the Haitian government handle orphans and adoptions.

The Prime Minister didn’t want them to go.

  • The Prime Minister of Haiti Max Bellerive stated:

“knew what they were doing was wrong.”

“It is clear now that they were trying to cross the border without papers. It is clear now that some of the children have live parents,”

“And it is clear now that they knew what they were doing was wrong.”

  • In the same article dated 31 Jan 2010 it states:

Haiti’s overwhelmed government has halted all adoptions unless they were in motion before the earthquake amid fears that parentless or lost children are more vulnerable than ever to being seized and sold. Sex trafficking has been rampant in Haiti. Prime Minister Max Bellerive’s personal authorization is now required for the departure of any child.


Hillary Clinton

A bit about JCICS in their own words. ref

Joint Council is seen by many public policy makers, the press, NGOs and the public as:

• Serving the self-interest of Adoption Service Providers

• Not having Adoption Service Providers of the highest quality, ethics or standards

• Having an inherent conflict of interest

• Protecting individual Adoption Service Providers

• A trade organization, rather than an objective advocate

Bill Clinton

  • In another Molly Hightower blog post dated 8 Nov 2009 Molly speaks of returning to the hospital and all but one kid had been shipped out to an unknown orphanage.

Devastation when I went to the hospital to discover my Jolene girl had been transferred to an unknown orphanage the evening before. I don’t know where she is, but I’m trying to find her to force her caregivers to bring her in for physical therapy. She was so close to walking on her own, and they left her orthopedic shoe behind. They ended up doing a complete overworking of the tap tap room, with all my abandoned babies being sent out (including Carmella and Cassandra).

  • In Nov 2009 Bill Clinton was scheduled to visit somebody at the NPH orphanage in Haiti, Friends of the Orphans, which is the orphanage that Laura Silsby was given children from. https://archive.is/Q75wg#selection-251.0-251.85
  • Vern and Mary Sue Conaway (who had connections to the orphanage) visited the orphanage 2 months previous to the children getting shipped out on 8 Nov 2009 according to the timeline of Molly Hightowers blog.


  1. Mary Sue Conaway worked at the US embassy in DR at the time Laura Silsby was caught trafficking children across the boarder to Haiti.
  2. Conaway worked in, and was eventually promoted to head of, the DR visa office which had problems with fraud.
  3. Conaway had ties to the NPFS.
  4. Conaway left as General Consul (in charge of the visa office) to the US embassy in DR 2 months after a damming inspection report.
  5. The Prime Minister of Haiti stated Silsby did not have permission to remove the children to DR.
  6. Silsby insists she gained documents from an unknown DR Official
  7. Conaway was previously Abduction Chief for the office of Children’s Issues Abduction Unit
  8. Conaway was previously the Special Assistant to the Deputy Secretary of State


  • Both the judge (Bernard Saint-Vil/Sanvil) and one of the accused (Jean Saint-Vil/Sanvil) share the same surname ref.

Judge Bernard Saint-Vil dropped kidnapping and criminal association charges against Silsby and nine other missionaries who were stopped while trying to take 33 Haitian children out of the country………..The judge ruled that Silsby and Jean Saint-Vil, a Haitian-American pastor who is not related to the judge, will stand trial on the charge of arranging irregular travel.

The post says they are not related but I feel it is still worth noting considering the circumstances.

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